About Old Oak Tree Care

Old Oak Tree Care is owned by David Bailey BSc(hons), M.Arbor.A, cert. Arb. (RFS). who formed the company as a tree surgery contracting business in 2004 after spending considerable time studying for the Royal Forestry Society’s Certificate of Arboriculture. The company established itself well and soon began making contact with new markets and others engaged in the industry.

In 2005, enrolling on the Foundation Degree in Arboriculture at Myerscough College eventually brought an FdSc in Arboriculture at merit level.

I joined the Arboricultural Association in 2008 as a Professional member gaining the title M.Arbor.A. The foundation degree opened up new areas of the business, namely consultancy, at both a private and corporate level. 

I returned to Myerscough College to complete a BSc(hons) degree. My dissertation looked at Alder Phytophthora disease and possible factors that might increase the occurance of the disease. The gaining of a honours degree at a level of 2:1 in Arboricuture, created new opportunities to engage in consultancy work in the upper levels of the industry.

In 2014 I ceased the contracting side of my business to concentrate full-time on arboricultural consultancy work. It was clear to myself that should I wish to progress in the field of tree consultancy, I would need to devote all of my work time to it.

Working full time as a consultant has helped me to concentrate more fully on the requirments of consultancy work. It has also given me time to enrol on courses and seminars to increase and reinforce my knowledge in the dicipline.

The aim it to provide a constantly evolving service that can react quickly to new legislation, new knowlege of the tree system and new ideas of using trees to better our lives.