Client Comments

Here are a few kind comments from previous clients with a little introducton into what I was doing for them:


M.R, Church Stretton           Providing solutions to buiding work required in close proximity to a high profile tree.

David worked diligently, patiently and precisely on a tricky planning issue concerning a very old and high profile tree. At all stages, he explained the process and guided me through the various difficulties, which he seemed completely up to speed with. He was firm about what was correct and also insightful about ideas surrounding specific challenges. He was also very pleasant to deal with and made the whole process - which ended in a very satisfactory resolution - completely smooth and in fact, despite the challenges, actually pretty enjoyable!


N.F -               Working with a developer to gain planning permission for a development in close proximity to trees.


“David worked closely with us throughout the project. Despite a number of difficulties with existing trees, special measures were introduced to prevent plot numbers being lost. Nothing was too much trouble for David who spent a lot of time with our architect, producing a clear and concise tree report for a very competitive price. Many thanks, we will use you again.”


M. A-J -           Providing rapid assistance to prospective home owners.


“Being very close to exchanging contracts on a property in Staffordshire we were shocked to find the mortgage company had become very concerned about a nearby tree. As we were then in Portsmouth, we were very fortunate to get in contact with Mr. Bailey who was very understanding of our needs and produced a tree report within three days to the satisfaction of the mortgage company. A very quick, efficient and friendly service.”


T.G. -              Producing a tree report for planning permission to build a house.


“David rapidly understood our requirements and helped to re-adjust our design to ensure trees would not be affected by the development. He produced the tree report quickly and, as far as tree issues were concerned, the planning process was very smooth. We would highly recommend David’s services.”


K.+ E. D.        Providing written evidence to an appeal  against refusal of permission to carry out works to trees covered by a TPO.


“We were at a loss on what to do after being refused permission to carry out tree surgery work we considered essential. David was very helpful in explaining the law to us in regards to this, finding the strongest line of argument and winning our appeal. We are so grateful!”


P. + D. F. -      Clients caught in a difficult planning quandary when tree issues became a sticking point.


“David helped us resolve the tree protection aspects of our planning approval with the local planning authority. I was really impressed with how he brought our develop needs and the council requirements together in one considered resolution. We were very happy with the high quality service he provided.”



V. N. - A chair of a parish council whom I represented at a recovered planning inquiry.


“ We were delighted that the Planning Inspector and the Secretary of State agreed with us that the retention of mature trees is essential to preserve the Conservation Area, and without David’s professional advice and testimony we would not have been able to make such a strong case.  Thank you David for all your hard work.”


P.B. - Carrying out in depth investigations into issues surrounding a tree causing severe difficulites for its owner.


" I cannot reccomend David enough. I had a TPO'd tree causing an obstruction and several applications to fell it turned down. Quite simply, I did not have the requisite knowledge in making of a professional and comprehensive application. In addition, David was able to effectively monitor and handle the process thereafter, which I consider was crucial in the successful permission gained to remove this tree. I am much relieved and grateful to him."


S.W. - Architect with whom I have worked with over the past 10 years.


"As an architect working on mostly domestic projects throughout Shropshire, I have built up a long term working relationship with David who continually provides an excellent service offering clear guidance during design phases and well-presented concisely detailed tree reports to accompany planning applications. I would have no hesitation in recommending David to other professionals or private clients in need of arboricultural assistance."