Pricing and Quotations

 Pricing and Quotations

Calling someone about tree problems can be a daunting task, especially if you feel you may be entering a world of scientific names and confusing terminology. I have a friendly and easy-going personality and understand that clients do not want to be blinded by overly complex arboricultural talk.

I am happy to offer initial advice for no charge. I do not charge to provide quotations for work or fee proposals. Some quotations may require a site visit, but often a desktop survey and client discussion can be enough to formulate a quote.

I am sometimes asked if I can provide the cheapest BS5837 survey, and whlist I have always been considered to be of good value by my clients, I can't promise to be the cheapest, but I can promise to be effective.

You will find many businesses advertising very cheap rates for BS5837 surveys designed to appear first on Goggle. However, it is not apparent if these figures are fixed, all inclusive or attract VAT.

Old Oak Tree Care prefers to give a fixed fee to clients, ensuring that costs are known and do not rise out of control.

Old Oak Tree Care is currently not VAT registered and consequently does not charge VAT.

I am always keen to ensure a client is never presented with an unexpected bill. Should exceptional circumstances require further funds (for example, a tree report needs a detailed examination using specialised equipment), then no work will be undertaken until a discussion has been held with the client and additional fees agreed.

If you require a quotation or would just like to talk over any proposed work, please call either of the numbers below, or send an e-mail.