Over 2011 to 2012 Old Oak Tree Care won a contract with the Forestry Commission to clear 15 Hectares of scrubland trees from mosses at Delamere Forest. This was to return these areas back to wetland mosses. Working with long term working partners, we have over 30 years collective experience of this type of work. We estimate that a quarter of a million trees were cut, stacked burnt and treated to avoid regrowth.


This rather large and lovely old oak tree had finally given up the ghost after spending years fighting off Spindle Shank fungus. It had to be taken down to avoid damage to the neighbouring house.

Many people want to keep the woodchip we produce from tree work to use as a garden mulch, footpath infill or to make compost. The problem is, most people do not want a pile of wood chip on their drive as the wood chipper cannot get to the prefered storage area. Sam and I came up with this chipper box to go on top of the 4x4 power barrow. This allows us to chip with very little mess into the box and deliver the chip quickly and efficently to wherever it is needed.

I guess most people don't know what the view from Ashley Heath is like as it is covered in trees. This is the view south from near the top of a 35 metre high beech tree that had to be removed because of dysfunction.